About me

I’m an experienced software developer from Ensenada, México, currently working as head of engineering for Tacit Knowledge in Guadalajara, Mexico. I’d say curiosity is one of my biggest strengths, and that has helped me get involved in the entire software development stack: from frontend, backend, and mobile app development to infrastructure engineering, QA, and performance testing. I’m a technologist at heart who loves solving hard problems; I’m a generalist who believes in using the right tool for the job. Building things is what I enjoy the most.

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My Professional Career

I currently work at Tacit Knowledge Inc. in Guadalajara, Mexico, as VP of Engineering. We typically work on ecommerce and content management projects for big retailers in the US and UK. Our main strength is our focus on quality and software development best practices. With Tacit I’ve had the opportunity to work with clients such as Target, Nike, Converse, Williams Sonoma and Kodak, to name a few.

During my career I’ve been mostly involved in Java based web application development, but I’m also proficient in other platforms such as Ruby on Rails. I’ve also worked on a couple of iOS projects: I was tech lead and key contributor for the redesign of the Target for iPad app which we released to the app store in November 2014. The app was very well received by the public in general (4 stars) as well as by the media.

Most recently I led a re-platforming effort for Simpson Strong-Tie’s B2B site. We finished the project on time and under budget, which resulted in praise from the client.

In what it seems like a past life, I worked at Softtek writing Adobe Flex applications and before that I worked at IBM maintaining AS400 legacy commands.

Open Source

I’m the main author and maintainer for the JCR-Mock library for mocking JCR compliant repositories.

Side Projects

My curiosity has also helped me get involved in a number of interesting side projects. Most notably I participated on a Burning Man art installation (Hands by Dave Gertler). I worked on the wiring and installation for the ligthing and was in charge of writing the firmware. I also wrote an iPad app for controlling the LEDs using bluetooth technology. You can read more about that on my blog posts.